Solar Chargers

Solar Backpack

Range of application

  • Hydration pack
  • Recharge tablet and mobile phone
  • All 5V USB charged devices
Solar Backpack
Extreme sport amateur or simply enjoying outdoors activities, the Solar Back Pack is made for you. Ultra lightweight, compact and easy to use, the Solar Back Pack will allow you to accomplish the impossible while offering you the flexibility to carry your belongings while recharging all your electronic devices. Whether your smartphone, GPS or video camera, the solar back pack will ensure you travel safely, but also in complete freedom, with no limits. Made of a washable and resistant fabric, the Solar Back Pack adapts to all lifestyles. With its 1.8 liter gourd and its 7 Watts removable solar panel, the Solar Back Pack remains your essential tool for all your outdoor activities.
Product Specifications
  • 7W
  • Solar Sunpower Capacity: 7W
  • size: 13 x 4 x 18.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.65 pounds
  • Material: Waterproof PVC, UV resistant
  • Input: 21V - 2A
  • Output: 5V - 2A, 12.6V - 1A,
  • Bladder Bag Capacity: 1.8L


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